Wednesday, July 07, 2004

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Building your business requires more than just great technology; it requires timely information, attention-getting sales materials, solid marketing programs and strong connections with your most valued partners.

You can find all of the above on AMD Market Builder, the new members-only web portal designed to deliver the tools you need to grow your business with AMD.*

*Market Builder is currently available to partners in North America only.

AMD Solution Provider Program
The AMD Solution Provider Program is the first program to be available through the AMD Market Builder web portal, replacing and significantly expanding the offerings available through the previous Reseller Pro site.

The content on this site was created to keep Solution Provider Program members informed about AMD processor-based solutions. Now that you are registered you can:

AMD Partner Toolkit
Find the logos, messaging, benchmarks and product imagery you need to advertise your AMD processor-based products. Updated 2/4/04

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Express RMA service is available only to AMD Solution Provider Members.

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Download and/or order the latest AMD literature for your business and your customers. Updated 2/4/04

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Stay up to date on the latest AMD product offerings, promotions and training available exclusively to SPP members.

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Sunday, June 27, 2004

WANT GMAIL? Forums - SCORCHING HOT (Probably DEAD now): Canon A75 at Circuit City BM $149 no rebates! Forums - SCORCHING HOT (Probably DEAD now): Canon A75 at Circuit City BM $149 no rebates!: "I just visited the circuit city in Union Square NY and noticed to my surprise that the Canon A75 which I have been drooling over was listed on the shelf at $149. I thought that was a mistake, but the girl confirmed that is the price right now (sale?) Anyway, not in stock at this location, but they called another location and they had some. The phone clerk was surprised at the price drop of $100 off regular price. I'd say this is a pretty good deal and no rebates to wait for. Sent my wife to pick one up, hopefully should be in on this in a little while.

Pretty good reviews on this from what I hear. Takes compact flash and 4 AA batteries.

EDIT: Confirmed below to be legit in various locations.

EDIT: Reports are coming in that make it seem like this deal is no longer alive. YMMV. RIP on this AMAZING DEAL and congrats to all who took advantage of it! "

i got one wooot

Saturday, June 26, 2004 [Home] - Your Daily Source for the BEST Deals on the Net! [Home] - Your Daily Source for the BEST Deals on the Net!

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

this is me
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this pissed me off

Cannot find server

Monday, June 14, 2004


Went and watched TROY this weekend. Not a bad flick. For some reason I just could not take Legolas..err Orlando Bloom seriously. BadBrad Pitt played well and his character was awesome. I don't know if it is me or what, but some of the fight scenes just kind of too extended. Who am I to judge? It was entertaining and I felt satisfied after paying 11.50 for 2 ppl.

Sunday, June 13, 2004

I so can't wait for my order

Fatwallet Forums - Dead - ATI Radeon x800 Pro -256 AGP : "You will be able to shortly I believe. As soon as ATI get's more x800's out"

Saturday, June 12, 2004 Forums - Dell 400SC server deals are back Forums - Dell 400SC server deals are back: "Now with a 2.8C for $374 after rebates and $274 with an Intel� Celeron� processor, 2.4GHz, 128KB Cache, 400MHz FSB(I wouldnt recommend it)

here's the magic customization
*Free Upgrade to an Intel� P�4, 2.8GHz,800FSB at a Cel 2.4 price [subtract $99]
*No Operating System, Other
*128MB DDR, ECC, 400MHz, 1X128MB [subtract $100]
*3.5 in, 1.44MB, Floppy Drive
*Standard Windows Keyboard,Gray
*Logitec System Mouse, Gray
*Electronic Documentation, PowerEdge 400SC
*1Yr,Parts + Onsite Labor (Next Business Day) [subtract $99]
*No Installation
*C1, Motherboard IDE, Ascending Order, 1 Hard drive
*40GB 7.2K RPM IDE Hard Drive
*Onboard NIC
*Purchase is not intended for resale.

Board has 8x AGP, SATA, and IDE (possibly raid?)
the powersupply is equivalent to a 350w"